Our Services

An all-in-one production house – everything you need under one roof


Everything starts with a well thought-out plan

Production Services

Tailoured to your technical specifications


Finalising your video so it is ready for distribution

Pre-Production Services

Planning, scheduling, casting, script breakdown and more. Every stand-out video starts with a great idea and we maintain the belief that thorough pre-production and planning is paramount for a seamless shoot.
From the beginning, we work closely with your team to help make sure your ideas meet your marketing and creative goals.

  • Concept and pitch building
  • Script breakdown
  • Fixing
  • Production logistics
  • Locations Sourcing
  • Casting
  • Scheduling

Production Services

Gimbal specialists, studio lockdown or run-and-gun shooting, bilingual creative direction, lighting, and crew sourcing are just a few of the services we offer.
Along with a range of equipment in-house, our team holds experience across many areas of production.

  • Creative direction
  • DoP and camera operation services
  • Gimbal and motion specialist services
  • Lighting, Grip, and Electric
  • Production crew sourcing
  • Rental gear sourcing

Post-Production Services

A good edit can make or break an entire project, which is why our editors are people we have have built a long-standing relationship of trust with. Using DaVinci Resolve, the Adobe CC Suite, supplemented with colour grading and motion graphics with our in-house specialists.

  • DIT services
  • On-site and remote Editing (in-house and through partner companies)
  • Colour correction and grading
  • Motion graphics