Panic Ball Productions is comprised of bilingual, professional and passionate filmmakers who turned freelancing into a full-time career. From years of working in the field we realised that a great set is only possible with a great team – so we decided to combine forces with the most talented people we knew to create a production house of our own. With our skill, experience, and global perspective, we aim to raise the stakes of filmmaking and create stand-out work for our clients.

Who We Are

Our Team

Lilou Augier

Head of Production/Co-Founder

Mariko Tateno


Lisa Koski

Creative Project Manager/Co-Founder

Don’t Panic, Dream Big

Panic Ball Productions’ 2019 Promotional Video showcases a digitally enhanced world of luxury goods. We asked ourselves: given the means to create anything, how could we present a commercial client’s ideal reality? The answer became “Brand K.K.”, a no-face all-faced corporate entity with products from a variety of industries, presented to screen by a beautiful influencer. The video follows her journey, going about a seemingly average day in Tokyo as she interacts with products from Panic Ball’s target clientele, enhanced with popping VFX and dynamic cinematography.